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Fun Lovin’ Criminals [DJ set]

29.09.2012 23:00
150 грн.
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Fun Lovin’ Criminals [DJ set]

It’s only when you hear them again, you realise how much you missed them.


Вы хотите почувствовать то же, что чувствовали гости На вечеринках Dolce & Gabbana и Roberto Cavalli? Вы уже бывали в таких клубах, как Bungalow & (NYC and London) или Sky Bar (LA and Miami)? Любите ли танцевать под отличную музыку, в которой есть что-то и от рока, и от джаза, и от лаунджа?


Музыка этой группы знакома каждому, название – говорит само за себя.

Если вы хотите побаловать свой изысканный музыкальный вкус, приходите именно на этот концерт.



Fast started the band Fun Lovin’ Criminals in New York City in 1993. With FLC he has toured most of the world and on his travels has been able to buy up vinyl everywhere FLC performed. Upon entering the digital age, Fast managed to digitize all his music giving him the flexibility to play just about anything without having to bring crates of records with him!


More a lover of good, recognizable classic tunes as opposed to being a turntablist, Fast brings a unique approach to spinning at a party.



Frank Benbini AKA “The Rhythm Man” holds down percussion duties for FLC as the band’s drummer as well as being is Fast’s partner in crime on the decks.


A party album built in a psychological bunker; it’s a phenomenal testament to the power of unbound optimism. “There’s this thing called Noetics,” announces Huey. “Which says if everybody thinks the same good thoughts, good things will happen. Likewise, negative thoughts – it’s not rocket science. And we all want the same thing, to be a Fun Lovin’ Criminal. You have to go through hell to get to heaven and now we’re finally out from under a lot of our problems, it’s a brand new day. So let’s go out and do what we love to do.